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Mark Garnier sacked in Theresa May reshuffle

Wyre Forest’s Conservative MP Mark Garnier has been sacked from his ministerial post in Theresa May’s Government.

Mr Garnier, who was embroiled in the ‘sex toys’ scandal last year, said he was “very sad” to lose his role as international trade minister this morning.

He tweeted his reaction at 10:10am this morning:


He had previously admitted calling his secretary “sugar t*ts” and asking her to buy sex toys.

But a Cabinet Office investigation in December cleared him of wrongdoing and found there was no evidence he had “breached the expected standards of behaviour”.

Stephen Brown, media officer for Wyre Forest Labour, responded gleefully to the news: “What is Mark doing to help constituents? Nothing is the answer….my message to Garnier is simple – it’s time to go, and make way for someone who cares more about Wyre Forest than feathering their own nest like you have.”



Jane Haynes
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